C O N S T E M S - A I

Retail Industry

Problem statement

Trying to achieve a perfect store? Perfect stores are those where shoppers can find the right product at the right location at the right time. This is achieved by designing and executing shelf standards by leveraging consumer insights and market trends. The audit of these execution plans are done manually which are prone to errors, subjective, time-consuming, expensive, and data capture is not as frequent as desired.


With Constems-AI, digitize, analyze, and optimize the retail space to achieve the 'Picture of Success.' We identify untapped revenue opportunities with your shelf data by perfecting execution, streamlining promotions, and outwitting the competition.

What we do? / What we Deliver?

Constems - AI Systems is a Deep-Tech software company that aims to digitize brick-and-mortar retail by using Vision-based AI for better space planning, display management, compliance auditing, and retail execution to boost sales and drive marketing efficiencies. Our SaaS-based product can be easily integrated with any mobile application or fixed camera device, allowing it to become AI-enabled and begin producing output to improve retail operations efficiency. At the back-end output is generated in real-time and provides actionable information for the sales force to fill gaps in real-time.

Implementation Process

Why us

  • Tracking Distribution Consumer Products Goods on the Shelves
  • Retail Execution in various retail formats
  • Real-Time actionable inputs to ensure product availability on shelves
  • Real-Time actionable inputs to visibility on the shelves and PoSM materials
  • Predicting Purchase basket
  • Heat map generation
  • Hot-Spot and Cold-spot tracking in-store/s
  • Footfall counter
  • Planogram Compliance
  • Easy integration with any current information system
  • Hybrid Operating Models as per Customer preference/need