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About Us

“To build vision-based AI that can surpass human cognitive ability, and advance the future of human-machine interaction”

Our Story is simple

We went through the natural human evolution

We went through the natural human evolution process – from matter to life to mind. However, just the way most did, we didn’t stop there!

  • We deeply studied how humans evolve each day.
  • We decided to advance from mind to machine.
  • We tend to gain that additional bit of “intelligence”.
  • Although it’s “artificial”, it does matter!

Our Purpose

Unrelenting drive to design better customer experiences.

Was the forbidden fruit that Adam’s madam ate was also the one that fell on Isaac Newton’s head?

  • Our quest to find an answer to the question guided our “vision”!
  • We augment the human visual system.
  • We trained the “computer” to read images, process information & provide data for analytics.

Our Passion

Create a world that inspires human connection and presents opportunities.

At times, this gets melodramatic; however, our team brainstorms, applies research & insights, and inspires.

  • We are committed to stay focused on our core competency.
  • We enhance our competency each day &develop full-scale capabilities.
  • Our first and only love is “reality” that’s not only “augmented” but also “virtual”.
  • Our Story

  • Our Purpose

  • Our Passion


A team of four members & progressed with an
idea to conquer our own way.

Our Team

We believe that work is more than making a living. Most of us fall in one of the below mentioned categories.

Computer Nerds

  • Love spending time & talking to machines
  • Immersed in technology to develop immersive solutions.
  • Co-hold prestigious patents in fields of augmented reality, embedded systems & multimedia systems.

Techno-Commercial Geeks

  • Understand the retail industry inside-out.
  • Quest is to work with customers and help them achieve their objectives.
  • Brings intelligent solutions around building of infrastructure, commercial complexes and retail channels.

Customer Engagement Studs

  • Who love accepting challenges.
  • Serve as connecting link to our lovely customers.
  • Develop solutions that uses machines to solve customer-centric problems.

Why Choose Us

Our Intellectual Proprietaries

Our Founding Team already holds US patents in the area of video streaming and analytics Technologies from their past engagements / assignments. Given our passion and knack for innovations, our vision is to develop IPs in the space of image processing using Artificial Intelligence via SaaS and Edge. To share a little more:

Wouldn’t it be interesting if you could tag a visitor without any physical attributes?

How about having the ability to re-identify objects (SKUs, Products, placements) across physically environment using wobbly cameras?

These are small, yet significant real-life solutions that business managers seek. Constems-AI Systems is working on these and many more!

To summarize, Our AI-based vision inspection and image analytics (CAInatics) to bring in the power of advance inspection/analyses and action either on the production line or in retail environment for enterprise.

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