Virtual Walk-Through


Almost all construction projects vary from the original design, scope and definition. Whether small or large, construction projects will inevitably depart from the original brief and drawings prepared by the design team. At times these changes do not impact business heavily; however, many a times design changes are identified as an important cause to project delays and cost overruns.



Business managers in Architectural films strive hard to ensure that briefs received are accurate and contractors and interior designers adhere to drawings prepared by the design team. Out here, they often face two key challenges - How to ensure that the design team's understanding of the brief is accurate? and How to ensure that client's understanding of the design is accurate?




Constems-AI proposes creation and use of virtual reality (VR) version of site and present the interiors of high-end residential and commercial premises to clients even before the construction work begins. Viewers can not only walk-through, but also inspect minute details and provide feedback on the layout design. Such investments not only control project delays and keep a check on cost overruns but also protect reputation of the architectural firm.