Test Drive in Airports


Compared to a decade ago, customers today are experiencing new sales processes in many industries and categories, such as unique shopping experiences in branded electronics stores, online retail with advanced customer relationship management, including intelligent product suggestions. Car buyers nowadays design their decision and experience journey individually from a multitude of different touch points. The rise of mobile technologies, tablets, and social media is also redefining interaction and communication patterns, while technological innovations, such as mobile apps, multimedia walls, and 3D configurators, are opening up new opportunities to transform the in-store experience. 



Business managers often face two key challenges - How to take advantage of high foot fall locations such as airports and malls where test drive is a limitation? How to measure the effectiveness of such campaign?



Constems-AI proposes a virtual reality (VR) based solution. Automobile brands can host activation programmes in malls, airports and private events. Marketers can take advantage of high foot fall, and develop capabilities for prospects to experience the car via test drive in a virtual world. From busy city streets to national highways to desserts to hilly terrains to bank of waterfronts; the car can go where the prospect wants to take! Further, business managers can take support of machine learning & artificial intelligence (AI) to track key performance indicators (KPIs) such as prospect attention span and response analyses through face recognition.