Real Fruit Juice Campaign


The packaged juices industry is rapidly growing in India. The growth can be credited to urban households where consumers are replacing carbonated drinks with healthier options. However, the industry is struggling to penetrate in the Tier II and Tier III markets. Consumers in these markets prefer fresh juices over packaged ones as they are comparatively cheaper and also in sync with the traditional belief that juices are best consumed when freshly pressed.



Business managers and marketers strive hard to educate. Several brands are implementing education programmes and activation campaigns. Out here, they often face two key challenges - How to burst the myth that packaged juices aren't fresh? and How to measure the effectiveness of such campaign?




Constems-AI proposes a mixed reality (MR) and Internet of Things (IoT) based solution. In an event set-up or within a private area in a large mall, marketers can ask prospects to pour packaged juice in to a glass. A screen facing prospects shows fruits pouring in to the glass; prospects can count number of fruits they are likely to consume in one glass of juice. Marketers can enhance overall tasting / juice consumption experience with help of multiple immersive technologies such as animation & VR;  an environment that promotes “authentic fruit juice” can be created. Further, business managers can take support of machine learning & artificial intelligence (AI) to track key performance indicators (KPIs) such as prospect attention span and response analyses through face recognition.