How Artificial Intelligence will impact our daily lives

Artificial intelligence (AI) might sound just like the realm of fantasy, however you may be stunned to find out that you’re already using it. AI has a vast impact on your life, whether or not you’re conscious of it or not, and its influence is probably going to grow within the coming years. Here are five examples of AI that you’re already using a day.


Video Games

One of the applications of AI that most of us are aware of is computer games. AI has been used for a significantly long time—since the very 1st video games, in fact. However, the quality and effectiveness of AI has increased exponentially over the past many decades, leading to computer game characters that learn your behaviors, reply to stimuli, and react in unpredictable ways.


Virtual Personal Assistants

Siri (iOS), Google Now (Android), and Cortana (Windows Mobile) are our intelligent digital personal assistants on popular platforms that we use. They assist us in finding helpful information when we ask them to do so (using voice command). Questions (and instructions) we can ask aren't restricted to “Where’s the closest Punjabi restaurant?”, “What’s on my schedule tomorrow?”, “Remind me to take my medicine at 5:00pm today,”. Up on receiving our voice command, these assistants respond by finding data, relaying data from our phones, or causing commands to different apps.


Smart Cars

Self-driving vehicles are moving away from our fantasies, and marching towards the world of reality. Google’s self-driving car project and Tesla’s “autopilot” feature are classic examples. Earlier this year, the Washington Post rumored on associate rule developed by Google that would probably let self-driving cars learn to drive within the same method that humans do: through expertise. While Tesla’s autopilot feature isn’t quite this advanced, it’s already being used on the road, indicating that these technologies are certainly on their way in.


Purchase Prediction

Large retailers can make higher profits is they anticipate consumer desires accurately. Amazon’s anticipatory shipping project hopes to send you things before you wish them, fully obviating the need for a last-minute trip to the web store. Brick-and-mortar retailers are already using identical ideas with coupons; once you visit the shop, you’re usually given variety of coupons that are hand-picked by a predictive analytics.


Fraud Detection

Have you ever received calls, emails or letters asking you if you purchase a particular product on your credit card? Several banks send these kinds of communications if they suspect there’s a possibility of fraud being committed on your account, and need to verify that you simply approve the acquisition before causing cash over to a different company. AI is usually the technology deployed to watch for this kind of fraud.


So AI is the reality and it's getting more and more integrated in to our daily lives.